Welcome to the best brhotherhood there is, Tau Class! And congrats to the new Lady Rhos from Era 1!

Last Friday, on April 4, 2014, 14 new gentlemen were installed into Alpha Psi Rho - CSUN Beta Chapter. Congrats, brhos! Here is the list of the newly installed Tau Class:

#80 Brian “The Phoenix” Guevarra

#81 Mansor “Vs. Wild Also Known As Puff Daddy” Kashi

#82 Arnel “The Grim Whisper” Dizon

#83 Andrew “La Media Luna” Viray

#84 Cory “Dead Fuse X” Ploadpliew

#85 Hieu “Kill ‘Em And” Nguyen

#86 Daniel “The Man Of Steel” Lee

#87 Patrick “Title Flight” Perez

#88 Raymond “Trigga Finga KTP Dub” Wang

#89 William “Triple X” Chow

#90 Charles “Studmuffin” Ibo

#91 Ryan “Pretty Boy P.” Andrus

#92 Jerome “Reverend D.K.” Cajayon

#93 John Victor “Watch The Throne” Reyes


We’d also like to welcome Era 1! The new class of Lady Rhos are as follows…

Era 1:

Brittnie Luu

Danielle Sumii

Minnie Vu

Adrienne Raval

Elise Del Rosario

Liane Nguyen

Ann Marielle Sena

Kimberly Bucad



Pictures from formals shall be posted soon, along with a link.

Congrats again, everyone! Welcome to RhoFam.


Brhotherhood Retreat

Two weekends ago, we had our annual brhotherhood retreat! The goal of the annual retreat is to grow closer as an active body and to enjoy each others’ company outside of A Psi Rho business.

We went hiking,

We spent the night outdoors camping,

And we topped off the weekend with a great day at Leo Carillo State beach!

"[The retreat] made me bond better with everyone. We all got on a more personal level with each other, which brought us closer together. That’s what I enjoyed most about the retreat," said Brian Guevarra, who is part of Fall 2k13’s Tau Class.

We definitely had a lot of fun on this retreat. This was a perfect opportunity for Tau Class to bond with the other actives and vice versa. Can’t wait for next year!

2014 Intramural Basketball Season: Recap

Last Monday, Alpha Psi Rho’s season in intramural basketball concluded. The team’s regular season record was 3-1-1, corresponding to 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie.


This season’s top 3 scorers from Alpha Psi Rho included

#93 John Reyes:7.5 PPG

#51 Jate Supiping: 5.33 PPG

#48 Ralph Lim: 3.83 PPG


The team’s first game, on February 3, ended in a tie. The score was 34-34 against Pi Kappa Phi. A week later, the Rhodoggs snagged a W against Sigma Alpha Epsilon, winning 27-38. After SAE proved to be the toughest opponent against us. Omega Phi triumphed over the Rhodoggs, 20-55. However, the team bounced back and were visibly fueled with determination, winning the next two games against Kappa Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Pi, 51-34 and 37-35, respectively.


Come playoffs, the team was faced against Pi Kappa Phi yet again. The Rhodoggs faced Pi Kappa Phi in the first game of the regular season, resulting in a draw. The game was close yet again in this round. Despite the tough calls, the the Rhodoggs fell to Pi Kapps. However, the team lost with heart, score: 44-43.


The 2014 Season’s Roster involved:

  • #51 Jate Supiping
  • #48 Ralph Lim
  • #84 Cory Ploadpliew
  • #92 Jerome Cajayon
  • #80 Brian Guevarra
  • #87 Patrick-Raphael Perez
  • #93 John Reyes
  • #83 Andrew Viray
  • #82 Arnel Dizon
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • Carlos Maciel


Thank you to everyone who came out to our games! We appreciate the support, and look forward to seeing ya’ll during Volleyball season! Volleyball season for intramurals starts on March 24. See you then!


Source for stats/information: IMLeagues.com